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sliced bread is the greatest thing since betty white

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Teddy by Katka S.


Sleepy kisses are the best kinds of kisses, when it’s all dark and you’re not even sure if you’re conscious.


ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing never happened

  • Bae: Come over.
  • Me: Can’t, I’m in the ball pit.
  • Bae: My parents aren't here.
  • Me: I literally just got an extra hour.



A lot covered in one book….

where have you been, jack douglas
what kind of things have you seen











It’s as simple as that.

Giving a fetus the right to use a persons body without their consent is giving it special rights because literally no born people can do that.
Abortion is not the ‘right to kill’ it’s the right to deny consent to the use of your body.
Children are also never involved in an abortion, unless, God forbid, they need to get one themselves because of sexual abuse.

Do the abortions in your world not kill unborn babies?

Abortions remove a fetus (which is not a baby) from a uterus. “Baby” is a nonscientific term. If you mean neonate, then, no neonates are involved in abortion. Infants are born, autonomous people. A fetus is not. "Unborn baby" is an unscientific term and if you can’t bring the science and logics to the debate, then you should re-examine your emotionally driven nonsensical approach and learn to play. 

Unborn very young human.
I’m frankly disgusted by your language. This isn’t a game.

Fetal. I think the word you’re going for is fetal. Frankly, I’m disgusted by your elevation of a nonsentient entity to try to force its existence on an unwilling sentient being who would have to carry it within their internal organ to sustain its life. I’m uncomfortable with the fact you’d force pregnancy. Does reproductive coercion make you comfy? This is still an infant, btw. In the pic. It is an autonomous being, so the emotional heavyhanded nonsense tied to using an autonomous being’s picture to represent a nonsentient, nonautonomous entity is silly. :P 

Your learned wordplay doesn’t make my statement untrue.  I don’t have any interest in forcing or coercing anything, I just see plain as day that human life is unlike any other life there is, and snuffing it out is a terrible thing.  Terminology and a matter of weeks of simple growth do not change the truth of a thing. We know this intuitively. A rose by any other name. If I call a piece of mud a diamond, it has no effect on reality.  Using emotionally distant terminology will never change the fact that abortions end human life. 
We carelessly cast aside millions of the precious and invaluable for the sake of comfort and convenience when we should be laying down our lives to protect them.  We are a bent people.

The pro-death people abandoned logic and lost the argument when making statements such as “force its existence on an unwilling sentient being” as if the child began the pregnancy; they’re talking as if the child’s will, before it ever existed, forced the woman to be pregnant with it.  There has to be insemination to make a pregnancy.  It doesn’t happen out of the ether. 
Simply put, there’s no “forcing” a child to be had when you have sex and thus do the very deed that brought it into existence.  It’s also your fault you failed to protect yourself.  Your fault.  YOOOUUUR fault!  If you don’t want a child then don’t do the deed, or do a better job of protecting yourself during the deed. 
You are wrong, too, about it being non-sentient.  You listen to propaganda, not science.  You hear what allows you to lie to yourself so you don’t have to face your conscience which causes you pain when you defy it.  But you’re dehumanizing something and choosing to murder it.  The Nazis dehumanized Jews so they could fool themselves into thinking they could justify murder.  See the similarities?  Don’t be like them.  Don’t be murderers.  And if you want to avoid the temptation to dehumanize babies/fetuses/humans and thus murder them then don’t do anything to create one in the first place!

RAPE HAPPENSPROTECTION FAILSBIRTH CONTROL FAILSWhat world do you live in where every pregnancy is either intentional, or just created through sloppiness? Things happen that are outside of your control, and when they do, you should not be forced to bring a child into this world that is not wanted. ESPECIALLY in the case of rape holy shit.Also, STOP COMPARING ABORTION TO THE HOLOCAUST HOLY SHIT. DO NOT COMPARE THE SLAUGHTER OF 6 MILLION+ ACTUAL LIVING, BREATHING PEOPLE TO THE TERMINATION OF A FETUS THAT IS LITERALLY A TINY NONSENTIENT BLOB OF CELLS. THAT IS SO DISRESPECTFUL AND GROSS DON’T DO IT

   Normally I would just ignore posts like these, because responding to posts like these will most likely get me into a huge discussion. But I just want to say this;
   People who think abortion is a ‘sin’, ‘wrong’ and equal to ‘murder’ and whatnot, have you ever thought about this? Look at the world, many said it already; we are overpopulating. Instead of fighting and protesting so hard to make abortions illegal and being ‘pro-life’, look at all the kids that don’t have parents and are in orphanages or just being dumped because the parents, for whatever reason, can’t take care of the child. 
   In my opinion/idea, if you are really so ‘pro-life’, worry more about the ten thousands and thousands of kids that are out there who could really use someone who’d defend and take care of them. A fetus that is not even fully developed yet that could be neglected, end up in an orphanage or whatever because the mother(/parents) couldn’t get an abortion just adds up to the big number.
   I think it’s kinda silly do defend a un(der)developed fetus over actually living kids that actually need it. But yeah, if you have any issues with my opinion, too bad; your problem, not mine. I just needed to get this off of my chest, because I’ve been keeping it in for quite some time. Now you can continue with your discussion if you wish.


when you have the hiccups while trying to sleep



it’s just like, why are there cat emojis for loads of emotions as well as normal humans emojis


like, when do i need to express these emotions… but as a cat